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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Aloo Tikki yet another interesting dish

Aloo Tikki is yet another interesting dish that is spicy and refreshing. Especially for food lovers, its a tantalizing appetizer that is both yummy and spicy. Very very contemporary to the Indian subcontinent it's a explosion of taste and spices that just give you a unique taste to your taste buds.
As the name suggest it a combination of aloo (potato) Chick peas, spices, onion, curd, etc  

If you want an authentic taste of Aloo Tikki then you have to go no far. Just located near indrochowk in a petite street corner  that passes from Newroad  to the ranjana Galli you can see a small shop with  a stall. I have been having this dish for the last 4 to 5 years and every time I had it I had tears with a stomach full of happiness. One thing I can promise you is though it may not look so good from hygiene perspective  at your level but when it comes to local food you just have to taste and smell it to know the real deal of taste.

Its  the story of food culture where you follow your sense in knowing the people and their attitude. Its a simple dish with the touch of a tangy, savory, salty, sweet, etc.

A mix bomb that explodes in you mouth is the right expression, you just need to have it to know the real taste.