Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Puskar Sekuwa Corner : A taste of Nepali Cuisine

If you are travelling by Putalisadak you will see a small shop near four corners of bagbazar road that fumes with smoke. It's a place that roars with the taste of meat lovers where the sekuwa is being smoked. The sekuwa is a popular food among meat lovers that is an appetizing for the taste buds.
Basically a sekuwa is a smoked Goat meat in spices that is barbecued in coal. You can find varieties of goat meat products that are really amazing and mouth watering here.      

It is basically the spices rub and how its cooked that makes a food taste better, one thing I can say is Puskar Sekuwa is indeed one of the very local food stop that certainly gives you the taste of real Nepali cuisine.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Authentic taste of Typical Nepali food

You may have heard very limited items in terms of Nepali food taste or gastronomical wonders but satisfying your pallet there is more to a devouring taste of exciting flavors inspired in the ups and downs of the taste buds. Nepal is full of mixture of taste its multilingual dialect not only facilitates its cultural practice to the richer side practices wide variety of culinary recipes of  taste.

Nepali food is not a freeway like the Chinese or Indian taste. It's a shuttle and a protagonist taste of amazing spices and herbs that are balanced among the most amazing experience of the taste world.
to be very specific, it is  not vague and intriguing with spices and heat, its a more abrupt and sensitive taste of rich ingredients of the food where the spices are the main stars but an added bonus of the ingredients.

If you think Momos, chowmins  and dalbhat is the way to Nepali food then you are completely wrong. Nepal food has an edge with a more shuttle taste with a stingy broth taste.

1. Gundruk: Gundruk is one of the most famous food cuisine in Nepali food culture.  A hilly food source of the diet, it is kind of a fermented version of the green leafy vegetable turned into a dry hard smelling element of the Nepali cuisine. Though recognized as  a popular and most important food in Nepal and it claims to be one of the national dishes, people may or may not be accepting the taste but for any mountain person its a daily dose of minerals and source of a yummy broth everyday for the winters. To be specific every Nepali craves for Gundruk soup that is rich in flavor and taste and to be very frank if you come to Nepal that is the real taste of Nepal gastronomical wonder.
It can be used in so many way fried and made into a pickle or massed and mixed with curry but the most popular Nepali style is a broth that is very stinky for the outsider but very soothing and tasty for the native soul. you want the real taste of Nepal you gotta try Gundruk in the most spunky way to feel the food adventure of Nepal.  It is the food of the hilly people where most of the times the temperatures are very fluctuating and due to this there is scarcity of food and shortage of other food items the Nepalese have been preserving their food in-terms of their tradition and culture in the most wonderful way of practicing this gastronomical wonder. Every time I smell a Gundruk my mouth waters in the most enchanting way of feeling a true nepali. Nepal in every way possible is a  

Process of making Gundruk 1. First take some green leafy vegetable and wash them thoroughly
2. Dry them ion the sun for 2 to 3 days once the green color starts to fade
3. Tightly pack  them in a glass or wooden bottle and add some hot water to start the fermentation process
4. Put the the bottle in the sun
5. After a day when the fermentation starts keep a check in the smell and level of acidity
6. Once you are sure of the smell and consistency then take it out and dry it in the sun
7. Walla you have Gundruk

2. Tama:  Tama is yet another version of the best food cuisine of Nepali food. It's very authentic and very versatile in so many ways of its taste. Though can be closely related to Kimche in smell but has a rich and specific taste that enhances the nepali dhal bhat in the most spectacular way. It is generally cooked with black-eyed peas where various spices and herbs are added to enhance the taste.

Tama is a fermented bamboo shoot tipped from the young bamboo  which is fermented and aged as per taste.   It is a unique and classic style Nepali curry flavor dish.

Process of making Tama 
1. The bamboo shoot are cut from the shack

2.They are fermented with oil and turmeric power
3. As the time passes it gives that rich and aromatic smell

3. Suke ko Maccha: Dried smoked fish is yet another aspect of the Nepali food that is rich in taste and flavors. It is one of the major diets of the Nepali people where there are fishes available from ponds and rivers.

It is cooked in a curry style broth with herbs and spices which has its unique set of taste and flavors.