Sunday, April 21, 2013

food to health/ happiness or food to gain weight

Food is what we all eat and food is something that makes our day, but food is something that can also make you crazy and lethargic. The proportion of spices, herbs and mineral when well balanced can give you a smile to make your day where as the same proportion when goes wrong can result in a chemical imbalance of causing  diarrhea or indigestion.

Food is not just a source of energy its a way or tradition that spells the way of living. Food  is humanity that gives us all a way to see the beauty of world where we all share the love and affection. May be that is the reason why food has no boundaries and no race it is just appetizing and full of smiles...............  

Apart from that the use of MSG specially to enhance the taste is a complete wrong a way  to see food. Food is never about taste, its about satisfaction and dedication which needs to be understood. The commercial use of the MSG not only destroys the real taste of food but it also makes your taste buds dull.

If you eat good and health food you can be productive and perform in every field of life but if you eat unhealthy food then you will be unproductive and lethargic, so be careful about what you eat.

To summarize short food is all about colors, taste, smell and every other small things that makes you the satisfaction of being full    


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