Monday, April 22, 2013

Angan, a People's Restaurant

"Angan" as the name suggests is a family restaurant, which is famous in the valley for its delicacy of mouth-watering Sweets, Samosa, Panipoori and Dosa. Perhaps it can be said as a gastronomical wonder of taste with its menus rolling down from different tastes of sweet to tangy to other tasteful items.

Currently it has four outlets situated in Tripureshwor, Putalisadak, New Road, Gyaneshwor where different vegetarian Indian and Chinese dishes are served with adequate service. Moreover adapting the modern trend the Angan also serves a wide variety of fast foods items like Pizza, burgers and sandwich to its arrivals.

Similarly, the menu opens with a variety of sweets, snacks and different food packages for Lunch and Dinner items focusing on the high taste. There are more than 50 sweets available in the menus where specifically Rasbari, Kaaju Barfi, Saan Papdi have embraced people in magnetizing them towards its abode. Apart from the sweets the Samosa, Chat, Dosa, Jalebi and Pani Poori are quiet in craze for the trendy foody people.

Similarly, it caters a wide range of customer from teenagers to adult, with its list of menus to dissolve their fantasy in the sweet sugary candies to tangy items and spicy Dosa. To be precise, Angan is a place of preference where people come to satisfy their needs of taste.

The Angan is currently running under the company name of Pashupati Foods as a franchise outlet of international chain of restaurants, Bikanervala of India. According to S.M Agrawal, In-charge of Angan, "We at Angan focus in quality and preference of customer. We use technical specification for the variety of food product to give it authentic taste to our clients."

Today the world is changing and with the changing world, people's tastes and preferences are also changing highlighting a newer concept of health conciseness. We at Angan focus on innovative products according to customer's needs and wants. Recently we had launched a sugar free Peda and Angeer Chikki which is really
grasping our customers attention. " 100% customer satisfaction is our main motto and we try to focus on that by every means" said Agrawal.

We use high quality raw material for our products, we don’t compromise with quality and maintain a high hygiene level. Sometimes people do complain about the high prices but after observing the hygiene and quality standards they generally fall back, stated Agrawal.

Though, there are different restaurant available in the market but Angan proves to be one of the gastronomical wonder with its varieties of food items creating a new scope and taste for the foody people.


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