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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Pizza Cutter: A New Trend for Food Lovers

Opened in more than 6 locations across Kathmandu at Kamalpokhari, Nagpokhari, Samakhusi, Baneswor, Tripureswor  and Newroad, The Pizza Cutter is a very popular name among teenagers and youngsters. I myself have tried the pieces ranging from the chicken to the mushroom but few of the times I have survived the taste and sad quality. The quality of product has been changing as during the establishment the quality was good and the taste was better but now may be after commercialization the quality of the product has simply gone down.
I must mention this that the chicken pizza now which use to have real chicken pieces has now been replaced by pieces of chicken sausages.

I think the plus point of the product is the price, packaging and size but to a downer side the quality has been very not up to the standards as it keeps fluctuating and as random as the taste that I have encountered between Nagpokhari station and  Kamal Pokhari I have simply stopped eating pizzas.

When I complained about the bad taste, the manager at the station said it comes from the hub, and they just reheat it for distribution. They have no intervention with the topping or the quality. Apart from this most of the times the toppings are also less, I am not expecting more from the product but I fairly deserve and want what is being priced and what the clients deserve.
So please if you read this review try to work on your quality as the pictures in the social media may look good for few but for people who love the taste it fairly right to have less topping and sad quality.


Two Star: ☆☆