Sunday, June 12, 2016

Aloo Tikki yet another interesting dish

Aloo Tikki is yet another interesting dish that is spicy and refreshing. Especially for food lovers, its a tantalizing appetizer that is both yummy and spicy. Very very contemporary to the Indian subcontinent it's a explosion of taste and spices that just give you a unique taste to your taste buds.
As the name suggest it a combination of aloo (potato) Chick peas, spices, onion, curd, etc  

If you want an authentic taste of Aloo Tikki then you have to go no far. Just located near indrochowk in a petite street corner  that passes from Newroad  to the ranjana Galli you can see a small shop with  a stall. I have been having this dish for the last 4 to 5 years and every time I had it I had tears with a stomach full of happiness. One thing I can promise you is though it may not look so good from hygiene perspective  at your level but when it comes to local food you just have to taste and smell it to know the real deal of taste.

Its  the story of food culture where you follow your sense in knowing the people and their attitude. Its a simple dish with the touch of a tangy, savory, salty, sweet, etc.

A mix bomb that explodes in you mouth is the right expression, you just need to have it to know the real taste.    

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bota Momo: A Heaven for Momo Lovers

Located at Kumaripati, Bota Momo is a paradise for Momo Lovers for kathmanduties. With a very clean and crispy environment the Bota welcomes you in a variety of selection of items that are listed in an unending menu. From Momos to Aloo ko achar to Sausages the list goes on in a never ending junk heaven, its a new food trend for food Lovers who just love to try new food for their pallet. They have tried to redeveloped the concept of giving something different  with JUMBO Momo which is big and it tastes certainly good.

The quality  and taste of the food items are good and it severely has any issues. I felt everything was good except for the prices of some of the items. I felt the price was a bit more for few of the items in the list where I didn't like the concept of using plastic glass for water dispenser other than that the place has a clean and very progress standards.

I have to mention this that I was sitting at the ground floor and the seats were a bit uncomfortable in terms of my size but hey you cannot get everything every where but to a normal standard it was well addressed.

Apart from the food items and decor it was simply well managed and the use of the Bota itself helps you to discover the real essence of the eatery.  It certainly looks clean and hygienically feels good that you are in different place.

The best thing about the place is the wide variety of sauce that are available, you can just splurge your-self to try the best of what it has to offer. The variety of sauce are very well thought of  in terms of taste and essence. You can just dip yourself to the never ending addiction of coming back for more.
As said the mark of a lion is not its size but its fear and similarly the mark of Bota is not just its list of items but its environment, quality of food and services provided

Hope Bota would further progress in its chain of restaurants in keeping the standards and giving new taste to the public      

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Three Star: ☆☆☆